How To Choose The Right Garbage Bin Rental

Choosing the right garbage bin rental for your business or home can be a tricky decision, and it is important to consider the type of location you are in. For example, if you have an office building that needs a lot of trash bins then you may want to opt for commercial grade containers. However, if you’re just looking to rent one container as a temporary solution while doing some renovations on your house, then opting for residential grade will likely be more cost-effective. Read on for more tips on how to choose the right garbage bin rental!

Whether you’re looking to renovate your house or small condo, our Mini Dumpster is the right size for all of that waste. It’s perfect for those smaller projects and renovations where space might be tight! This dumpster rental will take care of everything without giving up on style.
The lowdown

  • 5 cubic yards of space
  • Low loading height
  • Great for dirt, soil, household rubbish, DIY projects that were just not meant to be

We love to think of our Small dumpster as the Goldilocks garbage bin. Not too big, not too small; this size is perfect for any project you have – we promise that it will be just right! The reason why so many people rent one of these bins from us? This container can hold everything: roofing projects, home renovations and thorough clean-ups alike. With a capacity like ours there’s no need to worry about running out space on your next waste removal session.
The lowdown

  • 10 cubic yards of space
  • Easy to maneuver, loading height
  • Great for shingles and roofing material, drywall, plaster, construction waste, yard waste, carpets, mattresses

This spacious dumpster is the perfect way to dispose of all your wasted goods. You can throw away old furniture, yard waste and any other kind of garbage you may have lying around – it’s big enough for anything!
The lowdown

  • 15 cubic yards of space
  • Big enough for oblique items, still easy to access
  • Great for renovation and demotion waste, construction material, impressively thorough house cleanouts

The perfect size for large residential and commercial cleanouts. Got an Everest sized clean-up on your hands? This is the garbage bin rental you should go for! If you have a habit of hoarding (and we mean really hoard) this dumpster will keep up with all your needs, from furniture to appliances.
The lowdown

  • 20 cubic yards of space
  • Easily accessible with large doors
  • Great for appliances, furniture, estate cleanouts, large renovation and remodeling waste

Garbage day isn’t any fun. It can be hazardous and frustrating, not to mention time-consuming. Is it worth the trouble? We don’t think so! That is why we offer garbage bin rental for your convenience in a variety of sizes at affordable prices with no hassles or headaches involved; just dump them when you’re done!
Staten Island Junk Removal is a reliable company that offers affordable and convenient garbage bin rental. When you fill out an easy-to-understand form on our website or get in touch with the Staten Island Junk Removal team, we can help find the perfect container for your needs and give transparent pricing information upon request.

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